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Our job is to make your business look good and get noticed. From concept to creation...

Step 1

Meet with our staff to discuss options and budget parameters.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and can discuss what materials you can expect to develop for certain dollar values.

At this stage, budgetary values from you are helpful input.

Straightforward projects immediately move ahead with quotes developed, schedules created and initial sketches started.

Step 2

More involved projects are further refined by our team.

Meetings with our designers are used to brainstorm ideas and approaches before quotes or sketches are completed.

With your concept developed, our production team gathers pricing information and, depending on the project complexity, prepares a proposal offering various creative recommendations, costing and production timelines.

Our reputation is built on our ability to manage projects efficiently from start to finish - to deliver high quality work on time and within budget.

Step 3

With the project plan approved, the creative team assembles the final design. The customer is given a proof to sign off on, and production can get started. Every project is monitored closely. Lines of communication are always open.

We strive to communicate openly, honestly and fairly with our clients. Our return clients are a testimony to just that.

Our inhouse production facility along with our graphic designers ensure that your job gets done fast and efficiently.

Step 4

We store all digital files on a back-up system for future reference or retrieval. Having invested in the latest backup storage equipment, Sign Ontario Ltd. creates a dedicated area for each client that holds logos, finished projects, photographs, reference documents, templates and all other working digital files.

We take care at all stages to see that your expectations and needs are met. Progress reports, budgets, proofs - all are available at any stage to help you feel good about the direction your job is going.